About Us


About Us

In the spring of 1958 the Canadian Ornamental Pheasant & Game Bird Association officially came into existence. The club was formed because there seemed to be confusion and misunderstanding among breeders regarding game regulations, methods of keeping and rearing birds, breed standards, etc. It was also felt that steps should be taken to encourage fair trade practices and good ethics among breeders.

The original name for the association in 1958 was "The Southern Ontario Ornamental Pheasant & Game Bird Association". Shortly after that same year it was decided it needed to be Canada wide and thus the name was changed to what it is today.

Our Mission

To promote, protect, foster and advance the rights and interests of those engaged in the industry of keeping and rearing pheasants and other upland game and ornamental birds.

To collect and disseminate pertinent and constructive data and information relating to the said industry.

To promote greater harmony and unity of purpose in the industry.

To improve the conditions under which the industry is carried on.

To develop fair and just competitive methods and to perfect rules for the settlement of disputes and misunderstandings in the industry.

To protect the industry against unfair exactions and discriminations.

To advocate and encourage public appreciation and understanding of the industry and wildlife conservation in general.

Next Steps...

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Membership includes a subscription to our bi-monthly magazine style newsletter and four free lots at our spring and fall auctions (a $40 value!). Your membership fee also goes towards helping the association achieve it's mission statement.

Membership with mailed magazine: $35/yr

Membership with emailed magazine: $25/yr