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The Natural Therapeutic Coturnix Egg

That petite Coturnix egg is marvelous in so many ways, such that it is the only dietetic food, but also it is beautiful and can be used in decorations and art work. Pharmaceutical companies crave this egg for components in their vaccines. What makes the Coturnix egg so special?

It’s Time to Eliminate “Lockdown” From the Poultry Dictionary

Recently, the term “lockdown” has become mainstream among new poultry people. Ask anyone on any forum or Facebook group and you will get a different definition.

Avian influenza is a disease known to circulate in populations of wild waterfowl, commonly the dabbling ducks. For those unfamiliar with this group of birds, it includes the mallards, pintails and teal. Avian Influenza can cross from wild birds into captive birds readily, through contact with birds or their droppings.

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word from our founder
I doubt if any of us ever dreamed the the Association would survive for so long or grow as wonderfully strong as it has.

Bob Landon, Founder

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